Pearl Street Inn

The Inn at Pearl Street sits just five blocks from UT atop Judge’s Hill, an area named for the number of jurists who built homes in this area of Austin. The Inn is an 1896 Greek Revival home. The Austin City Directory of 1914 lists the Inn as the residence of Texas Judge Wilcox. He and his wife Stella, lived in the home for many years, raising 5 children, three of whom till adulthood. Two sons both died at the tender age of 2. Both died on Easter Sunday, a couple of years apart. The couple’s three daughters never married and they lived in the big house through out their lives.
There has been seen an apparition of a woman carrying a child from the Gothic Room down the hallway to the French Room, then seen in a rocking chair in the French Room, rocking a little one. It is believed that this spirit could be that of Stella Snider, perhaps comforting one of her terminally ill boys.